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Why Have We To Wait|Razika

Norway’s female lead/fully fem bands man, I dunno what it is or why. They’re all so great, but so incredibly different sounds and feels from one another. Can’t even pick out the similarities most of the time. It’s something in the subconscious, has to be.

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Heartbreaking Moments: 6/7 ~ The Iron Giant Sacrificing Himself (The Iron Giant)

Those weird memories that swim around in your mind daily for no apparent reason? This is one of them. I think about this scene almost every day



I was gonna say. So many questions! Where is this singing now? was this your set/band? is there more? yadda yadda etc etc excuse the geeking

hahaha this singing still happens! this was not my band, no, it was the Cal State Northridge A Band and my friend Aaron arranged this for his composition class sort of on the fly. he had me sing in the booth while the band played in one take one early winter morning in 2011. i have more music somewhere on this computer (not jazz tho), and now that i know it’ll be well-received, i’m sure i’ll be posting it. :)

GEEK AWAY i love that you saw this and appreciate it. i’m so stoked. i respect you so much as an artist so for you to say “hey do more of that artsy thing you’re good at? i see you” IS HUGE TO ME. ILY MAN.

hahaha hell yeah, of course. hearing you come in on that gave me wide eyes and a slight chill initially so any other music of yours is moore than welcome. and GOOD that you still keep it up! seriously. 
It’s like a little gift when your already cool friends have hidden depths and levels to their awesomeness. It was already enough before then all of a sudden it’s like “Wait a goddamn minute woah where what is THIS” 




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since the-symbol-of-hope asked so kindly, i’m reposting this. i don’t have your email address, Joel! so hopefully this works. and also hopefully y’all dig it.

*listen with headphones for best quality*

yo this stuck  t h e  dumbest smile on my face. you’ve seriously got one hell of a voice.

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Anonymous: Ok, here goes: I have impossibly fallen in love with someone I will never be with and can never change. Almost every waking moment I am reminded of them. It consumes me in my daily life and I want to rid of it's curse, as an unhealthy addiction. I have been "in lust" and "in love" before and can recognize this is different than that. This feels like something I cannot shake. Some say let time pass and it will fade. Some say to substitute one "addiction" for another. What would you do?


Love is an addiction, when you aren’t around that person you get oxytocin withdrawals and it can be incredibly emotionally painful. Personally I would keep busy, focus all that energy I have on them on to other things that would be productive to me (whether that’s taking a yoga class or painting or writing) I think doing something scary or weird that gets you out of your comfort zone is best.

If I’ve learned one thing it’s that time truly heals all

As much as I’ve dived into the psychological reasoning behind the feeling I’ve never considered this from a chemical standpoint. Interesting



"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" carry around the longest book i’ve ever read in order to establish my position as the alpha scholar


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you may be cool, but you’ll never be sdf-1 storm attacker mode cool